March 24, 2020 wezyanz

Mavericks NADKC | Derby Test

We just returned from running Maverick (Delta V.d Sieben Sohnen) in his Derby test for the NADKC this past weekend in St Louis, MO. There NADKC Derby test consists of a series of tests that determine the dog’s “natural ability”. Overall we were very pleased with Maverick’s performances and score. These tests are to ensure a DK dog is “Breedable” under the German Standards for a good hunting dog.

The dogs are tested on the following:

  • Nase (Nose)
  • Suche (Search)
  • Vorstehen (Pointing)
  • Fuhrigkeit (Cooperation)
  • Gehorsam (Obedience)
  • Arbeitsfreude (Desire)

Maverick scored a 4 ,3 ,4 ,3 ,3 , 4  respectively.

Maverick shows a great nose and demeanor. He is a very calm and collected dog that will make a great SIRE for easy to train and strong hunting dogs. He is a medium build and scored a “G” on his Zuchtschau and will eventually grow into an SG as he was 1 inch shy of this Sehr Gut rating.

NADKC Derby Test Results Sheet

Mavericks Derby Test Results

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