December 15, 2020 wezyanz

The “C” Litter has Arrived | 11 Pups ( ALL SOLD )

Ellie has deliver 11 German Shorthair puppies on 12-12-2020 from 12:12PM until about 1:00AM on 12-13. All the puppies were delivered happy and healthy. Here is the breakdown of colors and sex.

  • 2 Liver Males
  • 4 Liver Females
  • 3 Black Males
  • 2 Black Females

BO  (our SIRE) has a unique gene that allows him to only “throw” solid GSP puppies. So all of the puppies SIRED by “BO” will be either Solid Liver GSP pups or Solid Black GSP pups. We find that people enjoy these colors and the litters tend to sell out very quicky.

We have received 7 deposits as of 12-14-2020 10:00 PM.

We have 4 puppies remaining for sale. Females are $1,100 and Males are $1,000

Please call or text 417-350-2779 to reserve your puppies today.