January 3, 2021 wezyanz

No longer taking waiting list entries for Maverick x Gunda “A Litter”

As of today January 3rd, 2021. Our “C Litter” between BO x Ellie are all SOLD. We will be pairing those two dogs again at the end of this year. She usually pups around Christmas. We are now taking “Wait List” entries for the “D litter” between BO and Ellie. These GSP pups will be solid in color. Either all black or all Liver (brown) as our Male BO has a unique gene that throws only solid pups.


Next Litter Due: Mid 2021 between Maverick x Gunda

The pairing between Maverick and Gunda will be their first pairing. Both dogs come from great hunting stock. Gunda features some of the most well known AKC German Shorthair Pointers in her pedigree. With Maverick bringing the DK bloodline and testing into the pairing. These dogs are both Liver Roan GSP’s and could potentially throw any color of puppy. 

Maverick Prime Shorthairs

We currently have 6 deposits on this litter. We will be accepting "Wait List" entries from this point on