June 25, 2021 wezyanz

Gunda x Maverick A Litter ALL SOLD

We have sold all of the puppies from the Maverick x Gunda “A Litter”. Thank you to all of the new owners! Pickup weekend is August 7th and we will be sending 6 beautiful GSP puppies to great homes!

  • We had a total of the following 
    • 2 Males
    • 4 Female

These dogs will end up being Liver Roan, Liver Ticked and Liver Ticked and Patched. They have a beautiful pairing with Gunda and Maverick as their Sire & Dam. Gunda is a lean high-prey drive female from the Vom Wustenager bloodlines. While Maverick is a very intelligent and calm deamenorMale that was shown great natural hunting ability as well as gorgeous confirmation. 

If you are interested in their “B Litter” we will expect to pair them again next year in June 2022. You should contact us right away to reserve your puppy from these two. 

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