July 6, 2021 wezyanz

Millie x Maverick Litter Available

Millie May Cephus

Millie May Cephus

Maverick VD Sieben Sohnen

Maverick Prime Shorthairs

Litter Information:

Millie had a litter of GSP Puppies on June 26th with 7 females and 1 male. As of July 6th, we have 4 females remaining from this litter. These dogs have a variety of coloration with some of the females being Solid Liver, some of them being Liver and White, Liver and patched as well as some potential for Liver roan. It is still a bit early to know. Maverick comes from a great bloodline of German dogs and Millie was our “Pick of the litter” female from the BO x Ellie “B Litter”. 

Puppy Gallery: @ 2 Weeks Old

Text of Call 417-350-2779