January 4, 2022 wezyanz


Ellie and her 9 German Shorthair Pointer Puppies born in Nixa MO

Here we are proud to announce another healthy litter between our Sire Bubba Bo Cephus and Ellie May. This will be their 4th litter of GSP Puppies together. Ellie did wonderful and is happy and healthy, as well as the 9 little German Shorthair Pointer Puppies. These puppies are all spoken for and are headed all over the United States including Alaska. 

Litter breakdown:

  • #1 Solid black Female 
  • #2 Solid Liver Female
  • #3 Solid Black Male
  • #4 Solid Liver Male
  • #5 Solid Liver Female
  • #6 Solid Black Female
  • #7 Solid Liver Male
  • #8 Solid Black Female 
  • #9 Solid Liver Male
GSP Puppies

If you are interested in purchasing a GSP pup from us, please fill out a Contact Form on the website. Most of our litters are pre-sold and a deposit is usually required before they are born. We look forward to speaking with you!

Our next scheduled breeding will be in the Spring of 2022 between Maverick and Gunda