October 12, 2022 wezyanz

Kennel Updates

Kennel Update October 2022

Hello everyone,

I took some time to set down and write out an overall kennel update that should help some of your new visitors understand where we are as a kennel and what we have coming up. 

We opened our kennel around 2018, located in Nixa, Missouri which is just south of Springfield MO. Located in the Midwest, we have sold puppies to owners all across the USA from New York to Alaska! We pride ourselves on loving and caring for the dogs that make up our kennel. Both adult dogs and newborn puppies get plenty of spoiling!

We are currently on our “E Litter” between BO and Ellie. This litter is neat in that, they are usually born ON Christmas day, which is a fun time for our family and children to have new puppies! We are currently taking deposits on this litter and you can fill out a Contact Form to get your spot reserved. 

We also have a pairing between Millie and Tyson that we are very excited about. Two very naturally driven dogs. Millie is a female out of the above pairing of BO and Ellie. She is a solid black GSP. Tyson is a male outside of our kennel located in Aurora, MO and he is a large Black Roan GSP Male. We are currently taking deposits on this litter and they are Due sometime in November. Her ultra-sound confirmed puppies, although possibly only a few. 

Our other breeding pair comes from our popular pairing of Maverick X Gunda. Maverick is a very well-built Liver Ticked and Patched Male out of Utah. Gunda is the half-sister of our Sire BO. She is a beautiful and muscular Liver Roan female. 

If you are interested in more information please fill out a contact form and I will get in touch with you soon!