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New Litter Announcement: Prime Shorthairs Welcomes 10 German Shorthair Pointer Puppies!

We are thrilled to announce that Prime Shorthairs in Nixa, MO, has welcomed a beautiful litter of 10 German Shorthair Pointer puppies! Born with love and care, these adorable puppies are now growing and thriving under our attentive supervision. They will be ready for their forever homes on July 13th.

About the Parents

Our proud mama and papa are both purebred German Shorthair Pointers with exceptional bloodlines. Known for their intelligence, agility, and affectionate nature, both parents have exemplary temperaments, making them wonderful companions and excellent hunters. They have been health-checked and come from a lineage of champions, ensuring the puppies inherit the best traits.

Meet the Puppies

This litter consists of 4 males and 6 females, each with unique markings and personalities beginning to shine through. German Shorthair Pointers are known for their versatility, excelling as family pets, hunting partners, and in various canine sports. These puppies are no exception, showing early signs of their potential.What to Expect

When you bring home one of our German Shorthair Pointer puppies, you can expect:

– **Health Assurance**: Each puppy will have received their first round of vaccinations, deworming, and a thorough health check by our trusted veterinarian.
– **Socialization**: We ensure our puppies are well-socialized with both humans and other animals, fostering their friendly and outgoing nature.
– **Early Training**: Basic potty training and introduction to simple commands will be initiated to give your puppy a head start.
– **Support**: We provide ongoing support and guidance to help you and your new furry friend adjust to your new life together.

Reserve Your Puppy Today!

Our puppies are in high demand, and we encourage interested families to reserve their puppy as soon as possible. To learn more about the puppies or to arrange a visit, please contact us at www.primeshorthars.com.

Visit Us

We invite you to visit Prime Shorthairs in Nixa, MO, to meet the puppies and see our facility. We are proud of our breeding program and are happy to answer any questions you may have about our dogs and their care.

Contact Information

Phone: 4170350-2779

Email: westin@missourigermanshorthairs.com
Website: www.primeshorthairs.com

Don’t miss the opportunity to add a loving, loyal, and lively German Shorthair Pointer to your family. Mark your calendar for July 13th and get ready to welcome a new member into your home!

Follow Us

Stay updated on the puppies’ growth and milestones by following us on [social media links]. We regularly post photos and videos so you can watch them as they prepare to join your family.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find the perfect puppy to join your home!

Warm regards,

The Prime Shorthairs Team