Weight: 65 lbs

Origin: SERBIA

We first came across “Rex” online through some of the outlets we follow. We were just stunned by the build of his SIRE and DAM, who were also very imposing Solid Liver German Shorthairs. With a bit of effort and coordination, we were able to connect with the Breeder in Serbia and import a pup to introduce a never seen in America bloodline into our kennel. 

Aside from his gorgeous confirmation. REX has an outstanding nose, one of the best we have worked with. He also has a natural retreive and a sweet personality as a pet. We are excited to see what this male will produce for us in the coming years.  

2V's Bubba BoCephus


Weight: 55 lbs

Origin: Oregon

Our first featured SIRE 2V’s Bubba Bo Cephus comes from some of the most well known GSP stock in the country. His Pedigree features several well known German Shorthair Pointers out of the Vom Riverwoods Kennel, and Vom Wustenjager Kennel in Washington State.

BO has a high motor that is paired with a high desire to please his handler. Which combines to make the perfect hard hunting, close working bird dog you desire to hunt over. He is a natural retriever and loves his family at home. The dog is built to work and never takes a play off.

He also has a gorgeous lean muscular build that draws compliments anywhere he goes.
Another fun fact about out GSP BO-he throws only solid colored puppies. So, if you love the all LIVER(Brown) GSP puppies or the All Black GSP puppies, stay tuned for his upcoming litters!

Delta Von Den Sieben Sohnen


WEIGHT: 65 lbs

Origin: UTAH

Our new SIRE is out of the Von Den Sieben Sohnen kennel in Utah. He is our first Deutsch Kurzhaar puppy at Prime Shorthairs and he has not disappointed. He has shown great demeanor as a young pup. He is confident and well mannered as well as very eager to please. He may go down as the easiest Shorthair puppies I have ever trained. His nose never stops working. Good luck sneaking past this guy!

He comes from Alta Von Den Sieben Sohnen and Ungaro Vom Trocken Bach pairing. Two very impressive German Shorthair Pointers. 


T & D's Ellie May

"Ellie" (RETIRED)

WEIGHT: 60 lbs

origin: Missouri

When you picture a calm and collected dog. You picture Ellie May. She has a nose that could track a field mouse to the next county and a close working style that has her hunters enjoying every minute of the hunt. 

Her pedigree features a 13x National Grand Champion for the National Upland Classic Hall of Fame. As well as several other champions throughout her pedigree. 

She is an excellent Quail dog that was raised on a bird farm “Clearing Fields” from birds other hunters left. She knows the drill and is the life blood of the kennel. As well as a fierce mother to her beautiful puppies. 

Her first litter produced 15 puppies and several all black german shorthair puppies! 

2V's Gunda Faye


WEIGHT: 45 lbs

origin: Oregon

This young female may come out to be our most impressive shorthairs to ever come through Prime Shorthairs. She has an extremely high prey drive. She is staunch on point and very stylish. She comes from Oregon and has several of the most well known German Shorthair Pointers in the country in her pedigree. 

If you are looking for a hard hunting and gorgeous pup-she will produce. We will be pairing her and Delta in 2020-2021. Get your deposits in now!

Primes Millie May


Missouri German Shorthaired Pointers

WEIGHT: 48 lbs

origin: Missouri

Millie May is a female puppy out of our BO x Ellie “B Litter” that is a solid black GSP with high drive and amazing style. She is a long and lean athletic dog that can cover ground, as well as one of the most natural retrievers we own. She is also smart as a whip. 

Millie will be paired with our Male Maverick VD Sieben Sohnen during the summer each year, with expected litters in the Fall. This pairing has the potential to throw a variarty of colors with Maverick being Liver Roan and Millie being solid black we expect to see Liver/White, Liver Ticked, Liver Patched and Ticked, Liver Roan, Black Roan, Black ticked, and solid Liver puppies out of this pairing.